What is Animation Critique?

Reach The Next Level

Animation Critique is all about helping you reach the next level in animation. Whether you are learning at school or on your own, putting together your demo reel or starting your career, we are here to push you and to help you to improve your skills. Whatever your level of experience, we want to see you shine. Submit your shot and we will send a video critique back to you that is tailored to your needs.

Professional Animators

Animation Critique is a group of experienced, talented and passionate animators specialized in giving feedback. We have extensive experience in mentoring and teaching animation. Critique is part of our daily lives, that’s our job. We want to use this expertise and knowledge to help the next generation of great animators to reach their full potential.

Detailed Feedback

No matter the length of the critique you choose, every minute will be put to good use. Our team will not only give you clear advice to improve your animation, but they will also teach you some of the tips and tricks they have learned during their many years in the industry. We want to be able to support you every step of the way until you complete your shot.

Affordable Prices

Animation Critique is a lot more budget friendly than any other options out there, because there is no need to sign up for expensive classes or workshops. You can buy only one critique or as many as you want until you are happy with your shot. This way you can keep control of your budget and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars that will take years to pay back.

Always Available

Animation Critique will always be there when you need it. We are open year round. When you need feedback, simply upload your shot and we will be back with your critique within a few days. Check our Pricing page for more information about our delivery time.

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