Last weekend, Eric, Pablo and Darryn were at the Pixel Challenge 2017 in Québec City, Canada, and they had a blast! Forty-eight hours of pure madness where competitors had to create an animated short-film from scratch, and the results were quite amazing. The Animation Critique team was there on location to offer live critique to the artists and they were also in charge of choosing the winner at the end of the competition, not an easy task! Congratulation to “Kokoro et les Corinettes” with their short called “Quel étage?” for winning the Grand Prize, and two big thumbs up for the hard work of all the competitors.

Animation Critique’s booth.
Nice T-shirts guys!
Eric is trying to say something here!
17 teams, 75 artists, 48 hours, that’s only for the Animation category. Total 300 participants for the whole competition.
Animators hard at work.
Giving feedback is a serious job!
Pablo and Darryn providing some expert advice.
Ready for business!
Grand Prize winner!
Honorable mention winners!
Pixel Challenge 2017 jury team.
The Animation Critique Team with Louis Leclerc, the Pixel Challenge Master Mind!
Eric has the honor to present the grand prize for the Animation Category
Going crazy!
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