Welcome to ACE !

Animation Critique is very excited to now offer its very own rig: ACE. ACE is available to the whole wide world, and the best thing is that he is completely FREE of charge! Use ACE as much as you want for your next school assignment or for that new personal animation you are planning to add to your demo reel. ACE is very versatile and he can be used with all animation styles, from realistic to super cartoony. It’s all up to you to bring ACE to life the way you want. ENJOY!

If you have any questions or comments about ACE, please feel free to contact us.

ACE is here… for FREE!

ACE is here… for FREE!

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Use ACE for your animation and get 25% off your next critique. Go to Submit Your Shot and use this coupon code  ” TryAce25 “.

ACE Updates

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ACE is new to the world, but he has been on our mind for quite a while now and he is finally available to you, right on time for Animation Critique’s first anniversary. Yes, one year already, and ACE is our gift to you to say thank you for your trust and for using our services throughout this first year. The following videos will tell you a lot more about Ace and how to use his rig. ENJOY!

Here’s a little secret for you, A.C.E. stands for Animation Critique Experiment. But don’t tell anyone!

The Making Of ACE

You want to know more about ACE? Where is he coming from? Who designed and created ACE? Well, this video is for you!

Rig – Walk Through

You want to use ACE for your next animation? Start on the right foot and make sure to watch this Walk Through video. You will learn everything you need to know about ACE’s rig.

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