Animation 101 – Follow Through

Darryn is going strong with his 5th “Animation 101” video on the Animation Critique’s blog. Today, Darryn talks about the principle of “Follow Through”, closely related to “Overlapping”. What is the difference between these two principles, when should we use … Read More

Tad Topping – Maya Layers – Part 1

Please welcome Tad Topping, our new Animation Critique’s Guest. Tad works as a lead animator at Squeeze Animation Studio and he is a Maya Ninja! On top of being a great animator, Tad is fast! He uses several tools to … Read More

NEWS – Pixel Challenge 2017

Last weekend, Eric, Pablo and Darryn were at the Pixel Challenge 2017 in Québec City, Canada, and they had a blast! Forty-eight hours of pure madness where competitors had to create an animated short-film from scratch, and the results were quite amazing. … Read More

NEWS – Article about Eric

Here’s a nice article featuring Eric Lessard, founder of Animation Critique. In this interview, Eric talks about his career path, his job as an animation director and his involvement on various projects he worked on over the last 20 years! … Read More