Why Is It Good? – SING

Jeff is going strong with his 3rd video of his series “Why Is It Good?”. Today, Jeff explores the art of “Posing” in the upcoming movie “Sing” and other great movies from the animation studio “Illumination”.

Break It Down – Walk

Welcome to “Break It Down”. In this series of videos, Eric will talk about how to properly break down video references for body mechanics. Finding or creating your own video references is a very important step in the planning process of your … Read More

Animation 101 – Ease In, Ease Out

Welcome back to our “Animation 101” series. In this new video, Darryn talks about the animation principle of “Ease-In and Ease-Out”. It is very important to understand this concept, because it can dictate the style of the animation itself. Too little “Ease-In” … Read More