Acting With Pablo – Part 1

Welcome to Pablo’s new series of lectures about acting. In his first video, Pablo explains what “Animation” and “Acting” actually mean and he goes back to our good old Greek friends to talk about the origins of this art. This class … Read More

Why Is It Good? – MOANA

Jeff is back with his second “Why Is It Good” video. This time Jeff talks about the upcoming movie Moana and how they achieved to apply so well the animation principles of Staging and Appeal. Take a look!

Darryn’s interview

Darryn was recently interviewed by Pixelsmith Studios in Cape Town, South Africa, and he talks in great length about what Animation Critique is about. Very informative video if you want to know more about who we are, how we started, … Read More

Animation 101 – Timing and Spacing

Welcome to our first “Animation 101” video. Our goal with this series of videos is to go back to the basics of animation. Today, Darryn Posen, one of our Pros here at Animation Critique, is talking about Timing and Spacing. … Read More

Welcome to our Blog

Hello everyone, Eric Lessard here, founder of Animation Critique. Here’s a short video taking you through our big plan for our brand new blog. Lots of great content coming soon. WARNING: Please ignore my overacting eyebrows and I dare you … Read More

Why Is It Good? – TROLLS

Welcome to our blog and welcome to our first series of videos called “Why Is It Good?” This series of videos will focus on upcoming animated movies, shorts and various projects that we find inspiring. Our goal is not to … Read More