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Animation Critique is an online service providing animators with detailed video feedback from professionals.

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Simply upload your shot and answer a few questions to tell us about your work. We will then send a critique back to you that is tailored to your needs. No matter what your animation skills are, the Animation Critique team is here to help you succeed.

ACE is here… for FREE!

ACE is here… for FREE!

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Our goal is to fill every minute of your video critique with useful, precise and easy to understand feedback that will make your animation stand out in a crowd.


Animation Critique is a gathering of talented animation professionals with tons of experience in the industry. Our daily lives is all about giving feedback to animators. We know what it takes to make their work look great.


We take pride in offering the best feedback quality at a very affordable price. No need to sign up for long and costly classes or workshops, because you only pay for what you need.

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