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Animation Critique is an online service providing animators with detailed video feedback from professionals.

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Simply upload your shot and answer a few questions to tell us about your work. We will then send a critique back to you that is tailored to your needs. No matter what your animation skills are, the Animation Critique team is here to help you succeed.

ACE is here… for FREE!

ACE is here… for FREE!

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Our goal is to fill every minute of your video critique with useful, precise and easy to understand feedback that will make your animation stand out in a crowd.


Animation Critique is a gathering of talented animation professionals with tons of experience in the industry. Our daily lives is all about giving feedback to animators. We know what it takes to make their work look great.


We take pride in offering the best feedback quality at a very affordable price. No need to sign up for long and costly classes or workshops, because you only pay for what you need.


Are you an animator looking for feedback? Would you like to start a new shot with us? Are you a school looking to improve your students? Are you a studio looking for an Animation Director to bring the best quality to your clients ? Whatever your needs might be, we are here to help you. Contact us and we will make a plan based on your particular needs.

Individual Critique
  • You are in the middle of working on your animation and you need a fresh eye? We can help you with that... and a lot more! Our Pros at Animation Critique have years of experience under their belt in movies, TV series and gaming studios. We can help to bring your shot to the next level. Check our pricing page to decide what is the best option for you.
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  • Would you like to create a brand new shot? We can help you achieve your goal to create a new piece of animation that you will be proud to add to your demo reel. We will follow you through all the steps, from choosing the right idea until final animation. Our Pros will be there to support you and they will provide clear, precise and valuable feedback throughout your journey.
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  • We can offer weekly, monthly or end of term critique options for students learning animation. We can follow them with their school assignments or we can create these assignments for you. Contact us and it will be our pleasure to design a plan based on your school's specific needs.
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  • Your studio wants to offer the best animation quality to your clients, but maybe you do not have the budget to hire a full time animation director on site. The great thing with Animation Critique is that you can hire us only when you need it the most and at your convenience. We will do everything we can to make your clients happy. Contact us, we can help.
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