Why Is It Good? – Captain Underpants

Today, Jeff is bringing you to the “Wonderful World Of Arcs” and to the “Amazing Land Of Line of Action”! Using Captain Underpants’ trailer and other references, Jeff examines how the animators were able to push these concepts to achieve … Read More

Tad Topping – Maya Layers – Part 2

Tad Topping is back today with his second demo about Animation Layers in Maya and he goes a little deeper into the layers world. Another excellent video packed with tips and tricks and precious information on how to speed up … Read More

Guest Series- Daniel Huertas – Eyelids

Daniel Huertas, one of our guests from Squeeze Animation Studio, is back with another captivating video about facial animation. Today, Daniel talks about eyelids in great details. He explains everything you should know about shapes, expressions and appeal of the … Read More